Air purifier for my son

Andy, my son has severe issues with allergies.  He struggles with the symptoms all year round, no matter what the weather is.  During the spring, because of the excessive pollen, he often has to stay inside.  Summer humidity creates mold and mildew, which also exacerbates his allergies. He copes with headaches, congestion and breathing trouble. It impacts everything in his life.  Medication does help, but not enough. Andy spends most of his time in the house, so we have to create a healthy, clean environment for him.  Everything has to be just right, including temperature, indoor air quality and relative humidity. All of these factors made a huge impact on Andy’s quality of life. I work closely with an HVAC contractor to make improvements to our heating and cooling systems. We add various air quality accessories to the systems. We live in a part of the country with short summers, but I have still invested in an up-to-the-minute central cooling system. This great air conditioner lets me close windows, thereby limited the amount of dust and pollen that comes into the house. The unit circulates and filters the air, thereby keeping it fresher, cleaner, and at the perfect temperature.  My furnace has a  variable-speed technology, which stops sudden blasts of air that may introduce dust and allergens.  Additionally, I have  invested in a dehumidifier. This helps to regulate moisture levels during the summer months.  It also stops the growth of allergy-causing bacteria, such as mold and mildew.  An air purifier cleans the air about eight times per hour, and captures airborne pathogens and allergens.  I decided to enroll in a maintenance contract with my local HVAC company. This entitles me to twice yearly visits from a technician to clean and inspect all of our heating and cooling units. The technician removes any contaminants within the systems and makes sure that all components are working their best.   

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