I’d like temperature control in my office

I work from home and have a small room which I use as my office. I typically spend about eight to ten hours in and around my office, at least five days each week. I have done a far better use of this space and made it as comfortable as possible. I have an antique wooden desk that found at an estate sale and it refinished. I invested in a leather, swivel chair that allows me to get great results for an extended period without the need of back or neck pain. A major problem for me was heat control. Although my home is heated and cooled with a central HVAC system, there are no supply vents inside my home office. Extending the ductwork to incorporate my workspace would have been a very costly, messy, and laborious course of action. I was reluctant to rip down walls and invest such a large amount of money. Because I live in the area with four distinct changing seasons and severe weather, I needed some kind of heating and cooling. I tried getting by with electric space heaters inside during the winter and box fans inside during the summer. I hated having extensions cords stretched across the floor and the sound of the fans. These units were not very cash effective. I was often distracted and unproductive due to the discomfort of the temperature. I simply don’t get a lot done when I’m either shivering or sweating. I called an area HVAC contractor for suggestions, and he immediately recommended a ductless small split HVAC unit. The indoor unit is mounted up on top of the wall, and is connected to the outdoor unit that using a conduit. It is a warm pump, so it provides each of those heating and cooling attributes and maintains the ideal temperature month in month out.heater