It was the hottest night!

I wasn’t surprised when my air conditioner shut down on the hottest night of the year. It was the middle of July, and the temperature outside was in the nineties. My air conditioner shut down at two o’clock in the morning and my house grew sticky and uncomfortable in no time. There was no way I was falling back asleep, but I didn’t want to pay the overtime charge for the HVAC technician. Since it was a Sunday, I couldn’t call for an appointment until Monday morning at the earliest. I contacted four different companies, and I couldn’t get an appointment until four days later. Because of the heat wave, everybody’s air conditioners were shutting down and having problems. All of the HVAC contractors were busy with repair. Those four days were terrible and long with no air conditioning. When the technician finally did show to inspect my system, he chuckled and said it was simply an issue with dust accumulation inside of my system. If I had periodically cleaned out my system, it would have never shut down. The HVAC contractor told me I should enroll in the regular maintenance program. The HVAC company would send a professional every spring to clean and troubleshoot the system. It would operate more efficiently and last longer. I’d also get priority service, which means no more waiting around four days without air conditioning. It sounded like a good deal, so I signed up for the program right then and there.

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