My home is really frigid

My friend moved into a rental home closer to me. It’s a small, Cape Cod style house in the Midwest! It is adorable. After she got settled into her new home, she invited me to stay with her for a few days. The weekend I arrived, it was chilly outside. My friend said she finally had to turn on her furnace because she was freezing. When I took my bags to the guest room, it felt like there was no heat. I was cold! After I placed my bags down on the floor, I looked around for the heating register. It was underneath the dresser. As I went out to the living room, I noticed the heating register inside my room wasn’t the only one covered by her furniture. My friend apologized for the chill and commented that she didn’t understand why it was so cold when the thermostat up high. I asked if she noticed most of her heating registers were covered by furniture. She hadn’t noticed and moved the furniture from several of the blocked registers. I asked when did she change the furnace air filter and she admitted it hadn’t been done. We went to change her air filter, noting it was full of dust, dog’s fur and debris. I asked if she had called to request a HVAC specialist come to the house to clean and inspect the HVAC unit and ensure the HVAC unit was functioning properly. She admitted she hadn’t done that either so we called a local HVAC business. They sent someone out that afternoon to do the cleaning and inspection. After HVAC specialist arrived, he cleaned her HVAC unit and helped move furniture from the registers. Soon, my friend’s house was cozy. She even had to lower the temperature on her thermostat!

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