Ski trip with a radiant heater

Last winter, we took a trip to the mountains to do some skiing. At the end of January, it was extremely cold and we saw a lot of additional snowfall. Conditions were perfect for skiing and my family was really stoked to hit the slopes.  Although I profess to love skiing for their sakes, I don’t really like it.  I’d rather be inside, close to a heat source, where it’s nice and warm.  I love to cuddle up in a fuzzy blanket, sip a hot cup of tea, watch a movie.  I actually never wanted to leave our rental cabin because it had an incredible heating system. It also had gorgeous hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, and no sign of any supply vents.  At first, I couldn’t see where the heat would come from.  When I turned up the thermostat, I felt heat beneath my feet.  Then I realized that the whole cabin was outfitted with radiant flooring.  Although the outside temperature was below freezing,  I went barefoot in the cabin and was totally warm.  I thought it was great that the heating system was entirely hidden under the floor, so it didn’t take up any interior room.  Plus, it was silent, and every inch of the floor was the same perfect temperature.  We experienced no hot or cold spots, no uncomfortable blasts of air, and no temperature stratification.  The majority of the warmth stayed close to the floor, with some of it rising slowly upward.  I set the thermostat quite low and because of this radiant flooring, stay wonderfully comfortable.  I stayed inside the cabin all week, comfy and cozy and did very little skiing.

heated floors