Thermostat use in the office

I couldn’t wait to wear a suit and tie to work every day. Some people don’t like having to wear a suit as they feel uncomfortable. My group of people is the exact opposite. I feel lucky when I know I am looking good. How do i achieve this, you ask? It’s simple, really. I buy expensive suits and get a suit guy to alter them to adjust to my body type. This makes me appear sexier and sometimes even better at my job. Just ask my dog. When I got hired at my current job, I was impressed to see that the dress code was all business attire for both males and females. I was going to have the opportunity to wear a suit every workday. However, this impressed feeling slowly took a turn to sadness when I realized that my office was extremely sweltering. It was like the air conditioner wasn’t even running. I asked my boss what the matter was and he responded by telling me who was just how the office’s HVAC equipment was installed and they had tried to remediate the HVAC before. I was SO MAD. How did they expect me to perform my job in a three-piece suit when it was over 80 degrees in my office? I eventually got the building technician to set the issue straight and now I am a lot more cool throughout the day. I have no clue what would have happened if I would have had to keep this job and the heating and cooling equipment issue never got solved. I would have had hot and sweaty workdays every day of my life.

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