Why is the heater not working?

On Friday night, my friend Amy and I went out. We spent the evening drinking margaritas and dancing at a variety of local clubs. When I headed home, it was three o’clock in the morning, and I was feeling very sloppy. Since it is January, the outside temperature has been right around twenty degrees, and there’s several feet of snow on the ground. Although I took a taxi home, I was freezing cold when I stepped foot into my house. I immediately noticed that the house was not warm and comfortable. I could see my breath, and the furnace was not working at all. I was wasn’t in any condition to diagnose what was wrong with my furnace. I was shivering, starving, and close to passing out. I had difficulty locating the numbers to my local pizza shop and my regular HVAC contractor. We first ordered a pizza, then called the HVAC contractor.They sent the technician right over. I was saved by the 24/7 Emergency Service. The technician arrived before the pizza and was able to get the job done. It was a quite embarrassing when he learnt out that I had actually toggled the thermostat down while we were out that night. I own a smart thermostat, and I’d changed the thermostat from my mobile. I had no memory of this, but was relieved the heater still worked. The technician adjusted the thermostat, and the central heat started right up. In just a few minutes, my house was warm and comfortable, and my pizza arrived. To make it up to him, I offered some pizza to the HVAC technician.