Baseboard heating is gone

I left my parents’ house about a eight years ago. I now own a lovely home not too far away, however, all holidays are still hosted at my parents’ place. A few weeks ago, my mom called me and explained that she didn’t want to deal with the stress of cooking for everyone and asked me to host this Thanksgiving dinner. I was anxious, but glad I finally got the opportunity. I spent a over a week cleaning and getting everything ready for the dinner, trying to make sure nothing went wrong. Of course, in the very last minute, my HVAC system decided to shut down. I was in the kitchen, prepping the turkey when my husband and I heard loud, bangin noise coming from the air vents throughout my residence. I ran over to the wall thermostat and powered down my heater right away. I gave my HVAC unit a few minutes and turned it up again, but every time I turned the heater back on, the entire thing would make that same terrible banging noise. I tried to get hold of an HVAC company, but as expected they were all closed for Thanksgiving day. Fortunately, I had put in a fireplace in my dining room a few years back that I almost never had to use. In a rush, I turned the fireplace on and let it roar with a massive fire and all the firewood I had available. As guests and family started making their way around, I tried to keep them within the dining room while I finished up with the kitchen. I kept the oven on all day long in order to create extra heat, but everyone was happy to be near the fireplace. Not a soul even pointed out that my HVAC died!

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