Freezing without my heater

I am an aspiring author. I want to write, but sometimes I can’t choose exactly when inspiration strikes. Just a couple of nights ago, I got the urge to get up around midnight and start writing. I couldn’t help myself at all. I got up, started writing, and noticed it was unusually cold. I assumed my air conditioner had broken again. I adjusted the thermostat and hoped for the best. No warm air came straight from the ductwork, however, so the air quality remained frigid. Morning finally came and I had produced to call my local HVAC technician in the future fix it. He arrived with all his tools and began to inspect the thermostat, ductwork, heater, air conditioner, and all other factors of the heating and cooling system. I chatted to him for awhile, and then he went back to job. He found there was a problem with my air conditioner, the heater, the thermostat, and blockage within the ductwork too. My whole heating and cooling system was useless! I couldn’t believe it. I had no choice but to pay for all of the repairs, but at least the HVAC technician was nice enough to show me some energy saving tips. I was happy for that at the least. I wasn’t too happy that I was required to fix almost every element of my heating and cooling system. It cost me a lot of money! I learned my lesson that abysmal day. Never again would I allow my HVAC system to go that long without an inspection. I would make sure to get my HVAC system inspected at least a few times a year.