Heating technology in the office

I think I have the best boss ever!  He really cares about his employees as always looks out for our best interest. For example, last week, when I got to work, I noticed the temperature in the office was downright cold. Typically, I am the first one to arrive at my office building and this day was no exception. I put my briefcase down and I wandered over on the thermostat to check the settings. My first thought was that because we had long weekend the program hadn’t changed back yet. The settings were fine but as it was set to 70 degrees and it was only 55 degrees, I knew something must be wrong. My boss agreed once he had checked the settings and we called the HVAC company we had on file to come out and look at the system. It was the middle of January and we definitely needed our heat working.  The temperature could get very cold if we were unable to have a repair done quickly.  Fortunately the HVAC company is close by and they said they could be there in about an hour or so.  Everyone kept their coats on while the HVAC technician worked to diagnose and fix the problem with our furnace. He was very knowledgeable and was able to fix the problem within an hour of arrival. My boss was thrilled and chose to enroll our company in the HVAC maintenance program. Now, twice each year an HVAC technician arrives to make any repairs and replace the filters.  It gives everyone peace of mind knowing that we won’t have to work in a frozen office again.

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