Insomnia On Ice

I have lots of trouble sleeping at night. It’s been a part of my life as along as I can remember. I usually try to go to bed early, but I’ll toss and turn for half the night. I usually do not fall asleep until about one in the morning. Last week I had a really bad cold, so my sleep loss was much worse. I went around to bed even earlier than typical, but my house was freezing for some reason. The bad air quality made it impossible for me to fall asleep. I got up to bang on the thermostat so my heat system would kick on. I also got a big warm blanket to bide my time until warm air came rushing through the ductwork. I waited for quite a long time, but the air quality stayed cold. There must have been something wrong with my home heating system. I hoped it would kick on soon, because I definitely couldn’t afford to have extensive repairs done to my HVAC system. HVAC technicians were very pricey and money was pretty tight for me at the moment. I got up again to test my furnace. Maybe if I jiggled a wires around, it would turn on and start doing its position. I tried to get it to do its job, but the air quality just wouldn’t get warmer. I could ensure the furnace was trying to figure, but it seemed like there seemed to be something stuck in the ductwork. It was too cold to deal with this. I wrapped myself up in a very blanket and tried to imagine myself sitting close to a nice warm fireplace. I would call an HVAC technician that morning. I had no choice at that point.

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