Long, hot summer

I think it’s going being a long, hot summer this year. I am glad I have a new HVAC system at my house. I don’t use the furnace heat much inside the winter as it doesn’t get too cold here since I live in the South. Even so, the summers are another story altogether. You definitely need some cold A\C around through the summer time. I prefer to keep it nice and frosty in my house so I turn the thermostat down really low. I don’t know what temperature I keep it at but I am sure it is below the suggested temperature. I don’t care if my utility bills are high as long as I am really comfortable and have ice cold air conditioning in the summer months. The funny thing is I grew up without air conditioning inside my house. I guess that is the reason why I like the A/C so much. My brother is a totally different story altogether. He doesn’t like air conditioning at all and he’ll crank up his gas furnace heater in the winter time. I think he keeps his thermostat set on 85 degrees in the winter. Well, he is pretty skinny so I guess he doesn’t have a great deal of insulation to keep him toasty. The truth is that I’m of average height and weight but the two of us are just truly polar opposites on the subject of heating and air conditioning. Sometimes I go to stay with him and he won’t even turn the air conditioning on when I am there. I get back him by keeping my thermostat set low when he comes to visit me. I guess we should call a truce and become more hospitable. We need to make an arrangement where, while I visit him he turns his air conditioning on and while he visits me, I turn the heat up on the gas furnace.

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