Only AC on planes

Not long ago, I was on my last airplane flight for a while. I hate to travel by plane, thanks to their lack of temperature control. I left a warm tropical climate that was probably 85 degrees. I boarded the plane and it was just as hot. The air conditioner was on, but it wasn’t really doing anything. The AC hit the heat that was leaking into the plane. This left us with steam at the top of the airplane. It looked somewhat scary when boarding the plane. You would walk into a hot box of an airplane to see steam all over the ceiling thanks to the AC. Once we started to fly, the air conditioning either became more powerful or the outside air got colder. It changed from not enough cooling to too much air conditioning. I then had a layover that lasted four hours. The next plane I was on was in a much cooler climate. You’d think the heater would be on, but the air conditioner was still going strong. There was no steam on the ceiling this time, just a plane full of shivering passengers. I had to put on my jacket and shut off the air conditioning vent above me. This didn’t help, and I was still freezing. This had me thinking about my past flights. Had I ever felt heating on a flight? I really don’t think so. The planes always have those vents that blow cold air. Does this mean a plane can only have air conditioning?

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