Party time A/C relief

I absolutely hate planning birthday parties for my kids. They are picky and complain about everything. If it isn’t perfect, they get mad at me for weeks. I know it makes me sound like a terrible father, but it’s true. Something always seems to go wrong and ruin the day. But for my daughter’s recent birthday, I decided that I needed to be the hero and give her the best party ever. It was 1PM and all of my daughter’s close friends had just arrived and were running around the house playing. Then my air conditioner let out an unpleasant screeching noise and I knew we were in for some major trouble. The ice cream cake that was sitting in the kitchen started melting rapidly and I had to act quickly. I called an HVAC professional and he came by right away to help fix my system. He said it would take him about an hour to get the A/C back up and running Then, a light bulb popped in my head. I called out, “hey kids, it’s time to get ice-cream!” All of the children’s eyes lit up and they ran to the car right away. One hour and $100 in ice-cream later, all of the kids were smiling and my house was cooling down. The HVAC technician was a true hero in my mind. I am not sure the kids even noticed that the A/C had an issue. They certainly didn’t notice that the cake had melted. My daughter said it’s the best birthday party she’s ever had.

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