Son wants air conditioner

My husband and I let our adult son move back in our house last year, and is still living with us. We enjoyed having his company at first, and through the first few months, we had a great time with him at home. Now this has been fourteen months, and he is still sleeping on a cot within the basement. He has a job, but he still chooses to stay here with us. I wasn’t terribly bothered by his presence, until he started to moan about the A/C on a regular basis. My husband likes to keep the A/C set to 75 degrees to save some money on the electric costs. The heat or A/C fails to affect me much, so the temperature is usually fine with me. My son has been complaining since the spring began, and he is constantly adjusting our thermostat. Whenever we complained about his adjusting of the thermostat, he went out and bought a little portable A/C unit for the basement. Unfortunately, our son didn’t think to getting a portable A/C unit with an awesome SEER rating, and it is costing a lot of moola to run the darn thing. Last month alone, the electric charge was higher by almost one hundred fifty bucks. My husband and I will have to sit down with this son of ours and explain the idea of supply and demand. He would have to start chipping in throughout the house, or he is taking his portable A/C somewhere other than our basement.

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