Cooling device is having problems

The most awful minutes of my existence will always stay vivid inside my mind. I was waiting for very exciting news. I had entered a contest with my book, and was expecting a call at any moment to tell me if I was one of the finalists or not. This was an awfully big deal, with a large cash prize in addition to a famous author as an assess. Just making the top five could change my life. This was back before cell phones were common, so I needed to wait inside my house next to the phone all afternoon waiting for that one call. That’s when my air conditioning shut down. And where I was staying, that A/C needed run non-stop to combat the overbearing heat outside. Once the cooling system died, the sun on the roof turned the main house into a oven. The only real place I could go to cool off was my car, to sit facing its air conditioning vents. I would miss the call if I did that, Though, so I had to remain where I was and deal with the hot air quality. It was like sitting in an oven, and I was sweating bullets for two main reasons now! I could not call an HVAC service company, because tying up the phone line might mean missing the contest call. So I looked in the phone book and found the name to the closest air conditioning repair business and noted their number so I could make an appointment shortly.

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