Is ductwork a good hiding spot?

One of my favorite movies of all time was Indiana Jones. I wanted to be an adventurer because of this. But that’s a hardcore job to prepare for, and it’s something you just stumble upon. There were many other movies that stoked my youthful imagination, as well. I daydreamed about locating a mysterious artifact or an ancient clue in the book that would lead me and my friends into an adventure. But we didn’t have any cool old artifacts lying around my house, so I improvised. I found a crawl space among the junk in the attic, and that gave me a good idea. I knew the ductwork was very old in my home. It was plugged into an ancient furnace that our parents had never even used. The ducts went all around the four bedroom house. If something cool was hidden somewhere in my home, it would probably be in right there, behind one of the numerous air vents or hidden under a filter. So I located a flashlight, some paper to develop a map, and a walkie talkie and tried to explore the heat system. TV had led me astray though. It wasn’t as easy as I hoped to crawl through heating system ducts. So I decided to just reach deep down in the different intake vents and doors. When I found nothing, I actually examined the massive old central heat unit itself, and still found not a single thing. Years later my mom and dad had the furnace replaced with a modern HVAC cooling and heating system. I watched the installation specialists as they worked, making sure there was no hidden treasure found that I had missed.

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