Metal ductwork with furnace

On the coldest night in reported history in our town, I was sitting outside. To be honest, the football game had not been canceled as we all thought it might. And if those kids could go out and play a full game with this ice and snow, then I should be tough enough to be able to sit and watch it. So I dressed extra hot, put on my heaviest footwear and warmest coat, and loaded one or two extra supplies into my vehicle. After this night, the other fans always called me Furnace. Because it didn’t matter how chilly it was outside, there was nothing going to stop Furnace from staying hot. First of all, I kept the heat in my truck going on high the entire time. During time outs or in the middle of two plays, I would go sit close to the air vents and enjoy the heat. For when the truck heater was not enough, I also brought a smaller wrought iron portable fireplace. I had also packed in about twelve feet with sheet metal ductwork. The repairman had conveniently left it behind after one of his HVAC maintenance visits, so I brought it along. Using dry wood and old paper I started a small but intense fire in this fireplace. And then I connected the heating ducts so the metal would be warm enough for my friends to sit, too. It worked like an enchantment, and Furnace is now a local sports legend.