The internet allows me to research things

I do not know how I would accomplish anything without the aid of the internet. I have figured out how to do a number of things, just from videos, research, and digging for information online.  For example, I now know how to install a new thermostat, clean a dehumidifier, and train my dog to walk on a leash. I recently had to turn to the internet for help with my HVAC system. This task involved the performance of my air conditioner.  I have some idea of what the local HVAC company would  have charged me to perform a simple maintenance service. I assume the cost would include the price of the HVAC supplier’s gas mileage, time spent working on the air conditioner, as well as for any replacements parts necessary for the repair. I did not want to spend a ton of money for a service I figured I could  do myself. After some research, I realized that I only needed to  change the air filter. I had not actually realized that the air filter needed to replaced so frequently, and I wasn’t quite sure how to complete the task.  I was a bit concerned the air quality in my house seemed to be suffering. With the assistance of  the internet, I located the dirty air filter and changed it in a matter of minutes.  I noticed that the old filter was clogged with particles.  Once the air conditioner was running again, the house was much more comfortable and seemed cleaner.  I was proud of myself for handling the air conditioner issues all on my own.  

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