What the ducts do about allergies

I’ve always felt I should do my best to deal with the upkeep on my home. I mow the lawn, have it painted, and make sure the appliances are modern. One of the biggest jobs is maintaining the HVAC system. Heating and cooling units are crucial to keeping a house inviting and comfortable to live in. Every six months, I have a licensed technician make sure that the unit is in fit working condition. However, there is one step that I did not complete for a long time. I learned the hard way that it is a good practice to have the air ducts cleaned out at least once a year. As the air repeatedly travels through the ducts, huge amounts of dust and dirt can accumulate. This leads to the constant circulation of the dirt throughout the vents into the rooms of your home. In less than one day, an HVAC company will be glad to stop by and clean out the air ducts so that this does not become an issue. As someone with problematic allergies, I was bothered by the dust around my home and the cleaning was the one thing that gave me relief. It took several visits with a doctor and the experimentation of a number of allergy symptom meds before someone suggested to me that I simply have the air ducts in my house cleaned. Boy, there is such a difference now. The regular cleaning instantly produced an increase in the quality my life. Now, I make sure to have this done at least every other year so that I do not have all of those days with the unnecessary health problems that come with too much dirt and dust in the air ducts of my HVAC system!


Wish there was heating

When  I travel, I do whatever I can to avoid long airport layovers. If it there are additional costs to buy a direct airline flight, I am always willing to cover it because I hate waiting for my plane to arrive. I’m not bothered by the noise or even the uncomfortable chairs that that are offered to sit in. The big problem, for me, is freezing to death because the HVAC unit is blasting the cold of air. It never fails; whenever I have a layover, it is almost certain, I will spend 2-3 hours shivering and angry because there is no possible escape from the chilled terminal. This is a common complaint I have heard others make, so I know that I am not alone in terms of how that I think about this matter. I have yet to pass through an airport that keeps the temperature at a normal level. I am not sure what the thought process can be behind running the air conditioner at full speed but it really makes traveling miserable to me. I have to go around the world about three times per year because my company is located in a different city. I dread those times. I have complained to airport staff about this inconvenience often but nothing ever changes. Now, travel for work related matters makes me anxious. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request that businesses along with public places keep their heating and cooling systems running at a normal level. To me, it seems like a good way to make sure customers are content, which in turn, would trigger more profits!

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Can’t get the heater off

My entire family is from a cold climate, myself included. That said, I’m the only one who hates the cold weather! Despite the fact that qualifying me to be an outcast inside the eyes of some of my distant relatives, my immediate family is good enough to accommodate me, anyway. One year, they actually chose that during every following winter season, they’d set the thermostat for a temperature higher than what they would run it at normally, and they also would leave it at the identical temperature throughout the entire season. Needless to say, doing so has made me feel pretty much like a VIP, and this year turned out to be extra special, too. As if the emotional warmth I felt from my family’s actions wasn’t adequate, the heater decided to join in the love fest in that one cold day the thermostat got stuck and failed to allow the system to power down or even lower in temperature. As one can imagine, my pops, was less than thrilled. The setting got stuck on a Friday night, as a matter of fact, just minutes after the electric company closed for that day and for the weekend. Since we didn’t hold the information for the emergency contact team on hand, my Mom decided to try to reach the after hours team for our apartment complex. Unfortunately, they weren’t answering, as well. The next thing everyone knew, my Dad put on this makeshift technician hat and started messing around with the thermostat in hopes of turning the system off. His efforts were to no avail, nevertheless. Shutting down the circuit breaker didn’t accomplish the same goal either! After an hour or so of seeking to figure it out, he threw in the towel.


longer cooling unit

So long as I can remember, I’ve always been a person who can’t stand heat. If you asked me, I’d much rather that it be Fall throughout the year… or, heck, even winter. Certainly not the scorching summer! The main reason I oh so hate any type of hot weather is because I sweat profusely, and sometimes it is uncontrollable. Because of that, I’ve always kept an additional, small fan in my room or space for comfort. For years, I used a small, adjustable fan that I’d hook to my bedpost or headboard, even if that central air conditioning unit was on high already. Eventually, I graduated to a box fan that I would perch inside my window–even during the winter–but once flies as well insects started coming in uninvited and spending the night time, I decided that it was time for some kind of change. After seeking advice from a friend, I decided to purchase what is called a good tower fan. Unfamiliar to me in advance of our conversation, my friend explained that the tower fan would be my smart choice to stay cool, particularly because it has a much wider ventilation range when compared to a traditional fan–and definitely more so as opposed to the small clip fan I was using in the beginning. Lastly, my friend sold me on that the new fan could also create air at a more forceful rate than the box fan I had been using recently. Not much later from the time she schooled me up, I made my way down to the  local supermarket and got my hands on a brand new tower fan–and it was at a discount at that!

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A furnace that I can move around

There are actually so many ways to keep warm. When it gets cold, my family and I wish to sit by the fire. Most people roast marshmallows, cook hot dogs and drink hot chocolate. I don’t enjoy being cold at all. I love to play out in the snow with my children, though. Having a fireplace to warm up with afterward is a marvellous thing. When I was younger we didn’t have many different ways to keep warm during the wintertime. We would wear several layers of clothing and cover up with 3 to 5 blankets. In the mornings we would get dressed underneath our bedsheets. That is why, when my pops brought home a portable heater, I was very excited. The furnace didn’t get the entire house warm, because it wasn’t insulated, but I loved to sit facing it, to get warm, for some minutes at a time. I pretended the small heater was my very own fireplace and I would sip glasses of hot cocoa while near it. My brother and I would sit adjacent to the furnace and play cards or even watch T. V. When I got older, my dad got us an alternative home with a central HVAC machine installed. But I never forgot those childhood memories while our portable heater. I think those days with the portable furnace are the exact reason I love to sit in front of the fireplace as an adult, and why I make sure my children have a home that has an HVAC unit that heats our residence properly.

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Heating in the car

I travel very much for my job. Sometimes, my trips can last for a few hours at a time, but I really like the beautiful scenery. I also like being able to spend time by myself. I typically work in the northern area of the country and the temperatures can get quite cold. Regardless of the conditions, I still have to do my job in a timely manner. That is why I employ a reliable vehicle that has many amenities included within it. As a result of cold weather conditions that I spoke of before, I make certain my car has a well-functioning heating system. It can get extremely chilly within my car if the heater isn’t functioning, and it’s really hard for me to drive when my teeth are chattering. On one specific trip, my heater suddenly froze all the way up. I was already on the interstate and was forced to pull over and wrap a blanket around my shoulders in an attempt to defeat the cold air. I messed with the buttons on the A/C while I drove, but no heat would blow through the vents. I ended up taking a particular exit that advertised an automotive air conditioning mechanic shop. I sat at the place for two hours before the A/C repair man said he was finished and that i could now use my heating. It cost me an arm and a leg, and it caused me to be extremely late for my job, but I was thankful to get a working heater in my auto, again. On top of that my boss gave me a second chance and was very knowledge of my car heater catastrophe. I’m lucky that specific trip concluded with a happy ending.


How to set thermostat correctly

Have you ever wondered why the multitude of coffee shops and ice cream shops in the world don’t adjust their indoor temperatures to sell the products they sell in there? Even in the high heat for the mid summer months, hot coffee is a way more popular product than iced coffee, pretty much world wide. If I ran a coffee shop, I would keep the HVAC system set as cold as possible all year long. People buy hot beverages once they are cold. If it were possible, I would run a restaurant out of an ice house. You know those neat venues at fancy, upscale resorts or on cruise liners where the furniture and even the drinkware are manufactured from ice and they give you a heavy, hooded, winter parka to wear for the visit when you enter. How cool would it be to venture into a coffee shop made only of ice? Of course the drinkware for your hot coffee could not be made of ice. It would just melt and spill hot coffee on the ice bar and possibly melt it additionally. I could use ice cups to my iced coffee, however. Conversely, if I owned an ice cream shop, I would apply the same thought process to that business. Hot people buy ice cream and cold beverages to cool off. I would keep the thermostat as high as possible all year long. Even in the middle of the cold winter months. If I make the the ice cream shop as hot as a sweat lodge or hot exercising studio, I am sure I’d be able to sell cold drinks and snacks.

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Improved furnace at the office

I own a small electronics repair store. We fix items like alarm clocks, video game consoles, and televisions. There are usually only two of us on staff constantly, and we are hardly truly busy. This time of the entire year is always slow, because as it gets near to Christmas, most people are receiving new gifts from Santa claus, not fixing old merchandise. We tend to be very busy during the spring season, as people start making the effort to save money for summer holiday getaways. This Fall has been remarkably slow, and very cold. I arrived to work this morning, and discovered three repair tickets on file. I was shocked, because we normally repair three items in a whole week. I planned our day, and gave out directions to our other staff member. We both started taking care of our individual projects. About one hour later, the snow began to fall outside. We were forecasted for flurries, but it was steadily increasing. The flakes were becoming much wider and the snow was gathering on the ground. It was at that time that I heard the heater make a zapping sound. It definitely sounded bad. I looked down to the radiator, and I could notice that it was no longer working right. The whole indoor temperature did start to drop rapidly as soon as that heater stopped working. I tried to contact a heating repair service, but everyone was busy as a result of storm. We finally had some work to perform, and the heater stopped working. We didn’t get the heating system fixed until the next time, but we managed to get each item fixed before the end of the day.

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HVAC is not getting changed

My grandfather can be described as a seriously stubborn old man. It’s sad because I need to know much about his life before we lose him, nevertheless from what I heard, it looks like it was pretty good. I recently don’t know why he always walks around with a chip on his shoulder and so stubborn. He’s lived in his place for approximately forty years and barely listens to what anybody says in regards to helping him out. He always thinks someone is wanting to belittle his intelligence or tell him the direction to go towards. Anytime my mom says he will save money on something you see him shrug her off and pretend not to listen and says he’s too old. But in my thoughts and opinions, I don’t think anyone is too old just to save money just stubborn; I mean, who doesn’t of that ranking? I just think he likes keeping things exactly the same, which is not a concern as old as he is, but at some point he needs to replace his HVAC system. The only person he seems to be handled information from is me and I use this to my advantage and try and relay messages from my mom to him. I was able to get him to at least consider choosing a new heating and cooling system for this home he is in. Surprisingly he didn’t put up much of a fight to undertake it, but that could have become because I called his neighborhood HVAC company and put him to the phone with a technician and they also told them what he really ought to do soon and the things he needs to watch out for. He says the information he got was worthwhile but I will keep push hard on him and be sure  I know when it is time for them to replace his heating and cooling system if he forgets as he does.

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Air conditioner stink

I was a server for a couple of months before I wanted to quit my job. Not simply was I a server, but I also was an expo, which meant that I had the responsibility to check food looked good before it’s served to customers. At to begin with, it was really fun to do, however things did change when a new general manager was hired. He was a young guy and clearly someone without any managerial experience for food industry. When something would not work out properly, he wouldn’t know what to undertake and would always have to depend upon the owner to find a solution. The day that our cooking fan broke down within the kitchen was the day many of us quit. I remember standing inside the cooler to get any cool air that I could it was so bad. I couldn’t understand why the owner would put his employees at risk while working. Anyways when the cooking fan broke down, there seemed to be smoke everywhere. When I would exit the kitchen to serve customers, you could see some cloud of smoke follow people. This was really embarrassing together with I didn’t even own the place! I begged and pleaded for hours on end to go home because I actually felt like I would pass out not having a cooling system and smoke inhilation. I was lied to apparently from the general manager and told that the HVAC technician could come and check things in an hour, but sure enough, I had finished my entire shift while employed in a smoky hot kitchen. So glad I made a good decision to leave. I hear from my buddy who still working there there are things that have barely changed for the better. How illegal!

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