House vibrates when A/C runs

I have really no idea if it’s even normal for an a/c to shake the entire house at all, but that’s what is happening with mine I can feel it. We just had a very modern air conditioning system installed as part of having a furnace installed as well. It is a central air conditioning system with the main air conditioning system unit sitting outside on the deck and pipes traveling back into the furnace in the house. In the Wintertime, we even had lots of issues with the furnace and had to call the Heating and A/C supplier at least twice to come repair it for us. The first time we had turned on the air conditioning system this warm season since it was installed there, it let out a rather loud moaning noise. It was rather freaky and I thought it was really weird too, so I went out to look at the air conditioning system and realize that the entire deck outside where it was installed was shaking completely. I went back inside and put our hand on the wall and can feel vibrations from the A/C unit running in the house. It only does this when the A/C is running though. The vibrations do not happen at all when the furnace is running in there. The supplier who had installed the Heating and A/C unit doesn’t appreciate myself and others because I had to call them so many times this Wintertime to service our furnace there, but unfortunately I am going to really have to call them again to look at our air conditioning system there. I could be very wrong, but I don’t guess an a/c is supposed to shake the entire house like that. I suspect there is a real problem with the fan, but perhaps I just need to put in rubber padding under the A/C unit. Hopefully, I can get this fixed very soon.

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