Hair cut AC was a lot

I just decided that I needed to make a change in my life. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a tattoo or a new wardrobe, I decided to get a haircut instead. I decided to get a few inches taken off and additionally I also opted to dye it a lovely shade of deep blue. I made an appointment  at a local hair a salon which includes a friend of mine and walked downtown. When I got there, I noticed that the air conditioning in the hair salon was turned up fairly high. I asked the receptionist if there seemed to be any way to turn the air conditioning down, since I was only wearing a relatively short dress and sandals. The receptionist turned around and made it  look as though she was adjusting something like a thermostat, so I thanked her and went to see my stylist. After about fifteen minutes and a good shampoo, though, I realized the fact that temperature had not really adjusted. I asked my stylist if there would be any way we could be a bit warmer, and she quickly adjusted her very own personal thermostat. The area where we ended up working became warmer after only a few minutes! She told me that the salon had recently installed zone controlled heating and cooling. The receptionist apparently did not really understand how to work the new zone control yet! We both shared a timely chuckle over that. I left the salon with my lovely new blue hair and a great idea about what my next life change should revolve around: zone control HVAC!

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