Indoor air for planes

I’ve always loved flying. The first solo flight I ever took was when I was eighteen years old.  I really loved sitting within the air conditioned cabin, plus the way the attendants would fuss all over me. They would offer me drinks, food, and occasionally a blanket if I asked. There was about a six year gap between my last flight and the previous one. I was busy raising a family. I was appalled on my recent plane trip. The seats were so hard and overcrowded, that I didn’t have any room to move. Also, the a/c was just a tiny fan that was located in the ceiling. If I turned it on, and the person beside me didn’t want air, they felt it anyway. The attendants came through the small aisles with their carts, but they hit the aisle seat holder’s elbow each time. The food was also non-existent, unless you wanted to pay outrageous prices. The worst thing about the flight, was the air inside the cabin. I was sitting in the front of the main cabin, so the main air blowers were coming down on top of me. I was so frigid and getting a headache from all the air hitting myself and others on top of the head. I realize that it takes a tremendous amount of air to keep everyone cool, however they should incorporate more air vents and eliminate the unusable fans. Considering that we all need to pay for our seats and tickets, it should be a better experience. The air quality was just terrible. By the time I got off the plane, I was super cold and my allergies were irritated. My eyes were dry and my headache transitioned into a migraine.

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