My first apartment and utility costs

I love living on my own, truly. As a teenager I just hated all the rules my parents had around the house on what I could or could not do. They were so strict about everything, but the worst was with the heating and air cooling system. We had a huge four story house with hardwood floors. It either was always too hot or always too cold. There simply was never a middle of the ground temperature that was comfortable for all involved. So when summer hit and we were drenched in the humidity and heat, all I wanted to do was turn on the air conditioning, but my mom had a lock on the thermostat that set the temperatures to go on and off at certain times. It bugged me so much when our house was frying like an oven! And when winter came around it was just as bad for the floors were bitter freezing and no amount of heat that she would turn on could warm us to temperatures that were pleasing. I looked at the thermostat and I couldn’t believe what she had it on. I know she was trying to conserve energy and efficiency costs, but it seemed so ridiculous to me! Well, when I finally moved out, that was the first thing I couldn’t wait to do, turn on the air conditioning when I was too hot to whatever I wanted  to cool down and when I was freezing cold I would be blissful in the heat that I would let run as long as I desired. The first month our heating bill arrived I nearly cried at the expenses it was so high. I called my mom that moment and apologized for always complaining about her thermostat rules and thanked her for what she taught me about heating and cooling costs.

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