Lack of air conditioning when camping

I remember going camping with my father and grandfather when I was a kid. Now, I do a lot of hiking and biking and camping each summer. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about my girlfriend Claire. Claire and I met at a yoga class and started dating last fall, and I thought it would be fun to take her on a camping trip to a lake about an hour away from town. When she found out that we were sleeping in a tent without an A/C, she freaked out. She looked up the weather on the internet and saw that it would be nearly 100 degrees during the day and about 80 degrees at night. She panicked because she really likes to have an air conditioner to sleep with at night. But I managed to convince her to give it a try. After our first night of camping, I could tell she was annoyed. It was a record hot day and it had been hard to sleep. The hike both of us went on seemed to wear her out, and I could tell that she was growing impatient. Before we cooked dinner, I pulled out my phone and called a hotel. Then I surprised her by moving to the hotel for that night. She was really grateful that I would do that for her. She was so ecstatic when both of us arrived. She cranked up the a/c and took a long nap beneath the air vent. My girlfriend rarely ventures outside of the city anymore. She knows that central heating and air keep her content with her environment. If we ever go camping again, it will definitely be in the fall, and definitely only if there happens to be a nearby hotel with an HVAC system.

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