Air conditioner stink

I was a server for a couple of months before I wanted to quit my job. Not simply was I a server, but I also was an expo, which meant that I had the responsibility to check food looked good before it’s served to customers. At to begin with, it was really fun to do, however things did change when a new general manager was hired. He was a young guy and clearly someone without any managerial experience for food industry. When something would not work out properly, he wouldn’t know what to undertake and would always have to depend upon the owner to find a solution. The day that our cooking fan broke down within the kitchen was the day many of us quit. I remember standing inside the cooler to get any cool air that I could it was so bad. I couldn’t understand why the owner would put his employees at risk while working. Anyways when the cooking fan broke down, there seemed to be smoke everywhere. When I would exit the kitchen to serve customers, you could see some cloud of smoke follow people. This was really embarrassing together with I didn’t even own the place! I begged and pleaded for hours on end to go home because I actually felt like I would pass out not having a cooling system and smoke inhilation. I was lied to apparently from the general manager and told that the HVAC technician could come and check things in an hour, but sure enough, I had finished my entire shift while employed in a smoky hot kitchen. So glad I made a good decision to leave. I hear from my buddy who still working there there are things that have barely changed for the better. How illegal!

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