How to set thermostat correctly

Have you ever wondered why the multitude of coffee shops and ice cream shops in the world don’t adjust their indoor temperatures to sell the products they sell in there? Even in the high heat for the mid summer months, hot coffee is a way more popular product than iced coffee, pretty much world wide. If I ran a coffee shop, I would keep the HVAC system set as cold as possible all year long. People buy hot beverages once they are cold. If it were possible, I would run a restaurant out of an ice house. You know those neat venues at fancy, upscale resorts or on cruise liners where the furniture and even the drinkware are manufactured from ice and they give you a heavy, hooded, winter parka to wear for the visit when you enter. How cool would it be to venture into a coffee shop made only of ice? Of course the drinkware for your hot coffee could not be made of ice. It would just melt and spill hot coffee on the ice bar and possibly melt it additionally. I could use ice cups to my iced coffee, however. Conversely, if I owned an ice cream shop, I would apply the same thought process to that business. Hot people buy ice cream and cold beverages to cool off. I would keep the thermostat as high as possible all year long. Even in the middle of the cold winter months. If I make the the ice cream shop as hot as a sweat lodge or hot exercising studio, I am sure I’d be able to sell cold drinks and snacks.

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