HVAC is not getting changed

My grandfather can be described as a seriously stubborn old man. It’s sad because I need to know much about his life before we lose him, nevertheless from what I heard, it looks like it was pretty good. I recently don’t know why he always walks around with a chip on his shoulder and so stubborn. He’s lived in his place for approximately forty years and barely listens to what anybody says in regards to helping him out. He always thinks someone is wanting to belittle his intelligence or tell him the direction to go towards. Anytime my mom says he will save money on something you see him shrug her off and pretend not to listen and says he’s too old. But in my thoughts and opinions, I don’t think anyone is too old just to save money just stubborn; I mean, who doesn’t of that ranking? I just think he likes keeping things exactly the same, which is not a concern as old as he is, but at some point he needs to replace his HVAC system. The only person he seems to be handled information from is me and I use this to my advantage and try and relay messages from my mom to him. I was able to get him to at least consider choosing a new heating and cooling system for this home he is in. Surprisingly he didn’t put up much of a fight to undertake it, but that could have become because I called his neighborhood HVAC company and put him to the phone with a technician and they also told them what he really ought to do soon and the things he needs to watch out for. He says the information he got was worthwhile but I will keep push hard on him and be sure  I know when it is time for them to replace his heating and cooling system if he forgets as he does.

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