Improved furnace at the office

I own a small electronics repair store. We fix items like alarm clocks, video game consoles, and televisions. There are usually only two of us on staff constantly, and we are hardly truly busy. This time of the entire year is always slow, because as it gets near to Christmas, most people are receiving new gifts from Santa claus, not fixing old merchandise. We tend to be very busy during the spring season, as people start making the effort to save money for summer holiday getaways. This Fall has been remarkably slow, and very cold. I arrived to work this morning, and discovered three repair tickets on file. I was shocked, because we normally repair three items in a whole week. I planned our day, and gave out directions to our other staff member. We both started taking care of our individual projects. About one hour later, the snow began to fall outside. We were forecasted for flurries, but it was steadily increasing. The flakes were becoming much wider and the snow was gathering on the ground. It was at that time that I heard the heater make a zapping sound. It definitely sounded bad. I looked down to the radiator, and I could notice that it was no longer working right. The whole indoor temperature did start to drop rapidly as soon as that heater stopped working. I tried to contact a heating repair service, but everyone was busy as a result of storm. We finally had some work to perform, and the heater stopped working. We didn’t get the heating system fixed until the next time, but we managed to get each item fixed before the end of the day.

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