A furnace that I can move around

There are actually so many ways to keep warm. When it gets cold, my family and I wish to sit by the fire. Most people roast marshmallows, cook hot dogs and drink hot chocolate. I don’t enjoy being cold at all. I love to play out in the snow with my children, though. Having a fireplace to warm up with afterward is a marvellous thing. When I was younger we didn’t have many different ways to keep warm during the wintertime. We would wear several layers of clothing and cover up with 3 to 5 blankets. In the mornings we would get dressed underneath our bedsheets. That is why, when my pops brought home a portable heater, I was very excited. The furnace didn’t get the entire house warm, because it wasn’t insulated, but I loved to sit facing it, to get warm, for some minutes at a time. I pretended the small heater was my very own fireplace and I would sip glasses of hot cocoa while near it. My brother and I would sit adjacent to the furnace and play cards or even watch T. V. When I got older, my dad got us an alternative home with a central HVAC machine installed. But I never forgot those childhood memories while our portable heater. I think those days with the portable furnace are the exact reason I love to sit in front of the fireplace as an adult, and why I make sure my children have a home that has an HVAC unit that heats our residence properly.

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