Can’t get the heater off

My entire family is from a cold climate, myself included. That said, I’m the only one who hates the cold weather! Despite the fact that qualifying me to be an outcast inside the eyes of some of my distant relatives, my immediate family is good enough to accommodate me, anyway. One year, they actually chose that during every following winter season, they’d set the thermostat for a temperature higher than what they would run it at normally, and they also would leave it at the identical temperature throughout the entire season. Needless to say, doing so has made me feel pretty much like a VIP, and this year turned out to be extra special, too. As if the emotional warmth I felt from my family’s actions wasn’t adequate, the heater decided to join in the love fest in that one cold day the thermostat got stuck and failed to allow the system to power down or even lower in temperature. As one can imagine, my pops, was less than thrilled. The setting got stuck on a Friday night, as a matter of fact, just minutes after the electric company closed for that day and for the weekend. Since we didn’t hold the information for the emergency contact team on hand, my Mom decided to try to reach the after hours team for our apartment complex. Unfortunately, they weren’t answering, as well. The next thing everyone knew, my Dad put on this makeshift technician hat and started messing around with the thermostat in hopes of turning the system off. His efforts were to no avail, nevertheless. Shutting down the circuit breaker didn’t accomplish the same goal either! After an hour or so of seeking to figure it out, he threw in the towel.