Heating in the car

I travel very much for my job. Sometimes, my trips can last for a few hours at a time, but I really like the beautiful scenery. I also like being able to spend time by myself. I typically work in the northern area of the country and the temperatures can get quite cold. Regardless of the conditions, I still have to do my job in a timely manner. That is why I employ a reliable vehicle that has many amenities included within it. As a result of cold weather conditions that I spoke of before, I make certain my car has a well-functioning heating system. It can get extremely chilly within my car if the heater isn’t functioning, and it’s really hard for me to drive when my teeth are chattering. On one specific trip, my heater suddenly froze all the way up. I was already on the interstate and was forced to pull over and wrap a blanket around my shoulders in an attempt to defeat the cold air. I messed with the buttons on the A/C while I drove, but no heat would blow through the vents. I ended up taking a particular exit that advertised an automotive air conditioning mechanic shop. I sat at the place for two hours before the A/C repair man said he was finished and that i could now use my heating. It cost me an arm and a leg, and it caused me to be extremely late for my job, but I was thankful to get a working heater in my auto, again. On top of that my boss gave me a second chance and was very knowledge of my car heater catastrophe. I’m lucky that specific trip concluded with a happy ending.