longer cooling unit

So long as I can remember, I’ve always been a person who can’t stand heat. If you asked me, I’d much rather that it be Fall throughout the year… or, heck, even winter. Certainly not the scorching summer! The main reason I oh so hate any type of hot weather is because I sweat profusely, and sometimes it is uncontrollable. Because of that, I’ve always kept an additional, small fan in my room or space for comfort. For years, I used a small, adjustable fan that I’d hook to my bedpost or headboard, even if that central air conditioning unit was on high already. Eventually, I graduated to a box fan that I would perch inside my window–even during the winter–but once flies as well insects started coming in uninvited and spending the night time, I decided that it was time for some kind of change. After seeking advice from a friend, I decided to purchase what is called a good tower fan. Unfamiliar to me in advance of our conversation, my friend explained that the tower fan would be my smart choice to stay cool, particularly because it has a much wider ventilation range when compared to a traditional fan–and definitely more so as opposed to the small clip fan I was using in the beginning. Lastly, my friend sold me on that the new fan could also create air at a more forceful rate than the box fan I had been using recently. Not much later from the time she schooled me up, I made my way down to the  local supermarket and got my hands on a brand new tower fan–and it was at a discount at that!

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