Wish there was heating

When  I travel, I do whatever I can to avoid long airport layovers. If it there are additional costs to buy a direct airline flight, I am always willing to cover it because I hate waiting for my plane to arrive. I’m not bothered by the noise or even the uncomfortable chairs that that are offered to sit in. The big problem, for me, is freezing to death because the HVAC unit is blasting the cold of air. It never fails; whenever I have a layover, it is almost certain, I will spend 2-3 hours shivering and angry because there is no possible escape from the chilled terminal. This is a common complaint I have heard others make, so I know that I am not alone in terms of how that I think about this matter. I have yet to pass through an airport that keeps the temperature at a normal level. I am not sure what the thought process can be behind running the air conditioner at full speed but it really makes traveling miserable to me. I have to go around the world about three times per year because my company is located in a different city. I dread those times. I have complained to airport staff about this inconvenience often but nothing ever changes. Now, travel for work related matters makes me anxious. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request that businesses along with public places keep their heating and cooling systems running at a normal level. To me, it seems like a good way to make sure customers are content, which in turn, would trigger more profits!

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