Recycling air cooling

Where l reside, air conditioners are probably the most common household appliances. Usually a good air conditioner can last a person a fairly long time for the most part, but there’s always a time where air conditioners should  be replaced. I know for most people this is the big pain for two reason. Particularly being that you have to pay for a replacement followed by it’s important disposal of it in a manner that is safe for all conditions, which apparently doesn’t seem easy to do from what I’ve heard. The first time I threw away my air conditioner, I had to call an area HVAC provider for assistance. Sure, I know I could have gone online and read how to do it but I can be a quite clumsy person. As well, it’s very important to know I’m doing it the right way rather than making any mistakes that might harm the environment. I was surprised at that direct moment to hear from a HVAC professional that the reality is, there are many homeowners that in some way make the enormous mistake of wasting their old conditioners to the trash. He said it to be actually illegal to discard it within a regular house garbage and if you’re caught doing it you will be a huge fine for it. Throwing one’s cooling system with the trash did seem like an easier way of getting rid of it, but I guess my shock came from the truth that people don’t use resources well. Anyways, luckily for me, the HVAC expert could give me a smart air conditioner disposal method including how to donate my AC unit, which I always always do.

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Wedding HVAC equipment

We booked our wedding location earlier within the year at a lovely trendy bar. We live in the south and there are lots of fantastic places and open spaces available. When looking online, we saw that this had really excellent reviews. When we were given the tour,  it was just as beautiful in person considering that it was online, but felt a lttle bit humid for my taste. I wasn’t sure if that it was because it was an usually hot day outside, but while it worried me a bit. air conditioning never even entered our minds then, and of course as a bride and groom, you would think that this is a first thing we would take into planning when considering a place. We assumed since the event space was an upscale place that going along would have sufficient air conditioning. Apparently our DJ told us that the electricity is pretty limited for other sources, so it concerns me if the air conditioning will be sufficient. We’re getting married in just a month months, but I really wouldn’t want to change venue now as we would lose our deposit and additionally things would get insane in terms of planning. I didn’t see reviews for the heat until later and now I’m worried my own older guests might feel overheated.  We plan for our reception to get on around 4 p. m. so if the venue’s HVAC system isn’t perfect, it will be during the worst heat in the day! What if they’re heating and cooling system breaks down in the course of the event and it can’t be fixed? I’m in a anxiety attack as we speak, but my fiance is doing his better to calm me down. I will turn into a bridezilla plainly don’t get my questions addressed.

HVAC system

HVAC system and generators

Tuning up your Heating, Ventilation and AC system during the spring and fall is a great thing for your system, and I suggest everyone has it done.  I often wonder if people think the same about their generators.  It is difficult to relate the many times I have had to use my generator over the past years.  I wanted to make sure my generator was always going to be reliable and I had inquired about getting system checks, the same as I do for the HVAC.  They check for oil levels, voltage, filters, and spark plugs.  They check the pressure of the fuel lines.  Seeing as how the generator can be a lifeline when your HVAC quits working due to power outages, I would think everyone would want to have their generators serviced. If you don’t know how to perform the many services, why not try an expert in the field.  You hire an HVAC technician to do the preventive maintenance on your HVAC, so why not have him do the PM on your generator at the same time.  I don’t know if it needs to be check semi-annually, but it stands to reason, that it should happen at least once a year.  Losing power is more than an inconvenience.  Losing just yours lights is an inconvenience, but losing your HVAC system can be dangerous.  Check with your HVAC provider and see if they don’t do checks for generators.  It is probably long overdue for some new spark plugs, or an oil change.  You never know you are really going to need it, and you could really regret not having it done, when all is said is done.

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Kitchen has good cooling and air purification

I have a really good position in a restaurant at the local flea market section.  I am the chef in the Free Diner, that serves over a thousand meals a day, and at least seventy-five percent of them are free for homeless children and their parents.  I like the hustle and bustle of the environment, and I genuinely enjoy not just the job, but the people I work with.   My team is dedicated to producing top quality food for our diners.  There are a few glitches, but they aren’t from the work place, but because of the heating and cooling system.  There are often days when the kitchen becomes so warm, that we worry about perspiration.  The only thermostat is in the dining room, and I know that if I could get to it, we could get cooled off and continue working comfortably.  The problem is that if I am hot, I am also extremely busy, so I can’t leave my work space, and I can’t send someone else to adjust the thermostat, because they are also busy.  The other thing is that if we are getting cooler, the dining room is getting colder.  We don’t have zone control for our heating and cooling, so both rooms are always at the same temperature.  This is the reason for the dining room being too cold if we are comfortable. The manager has been bringing up the subject of HVAC replacement and zone control additions.  I hope she puts it in place soon.  It sure would make our job more comfortable to do.

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Kitchen cooling and cleaning

I have a fantastic job as a chef in a swanky upscale restaurant, located in the middle of a prestigious university. Mostly, I feel lucky to have such a great position.  I work in a rapid paced environment, and I love what I do, and I am really good at it, too.  I work with a superb team that makes my job even easier, and we work hard to assure the customers of quality food.  There are a few drawbacks to working in the kitchen of a restaurant.  The heating and cooling system isn’t always set up to accommodate both the kitchen and the dining area.  We can quickly become overheated, and as in my restaurant, the thermostat may be in the dining room.  I am unable to leave my workstation to reset the thermostat, and if I am too busy, I really can’t let one of my other chefs take off to do the chore, either.  Our restaurant doesn’t have anything like zone controlled heating or cooling, so the kitchen temperature coincides with the dining area temperature.  This can be a real problem, especially in the summer.  The temperature in a kitchen can soar into triple digits, and if we were to turn the thermostat up to make the kitchen more comfortable, it would also go up in the dining area, and our customers would end up being cold.  We appreciate every little bit of air that we can get, so it is a blessing when the door is opened for a time.  Our manager keeps saying the new air conditioning is coming, and that it will have zone control.  I am hoping that it will be implemented before summer returns.

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Kitchen with quality cooling

I have the perfect job as a chef in an upscale restaurant.  I have loved working in restaurants, since I was a busboy.  The intense rush from the environment is addictive.  I am also good in my job.  I am a great chef, and I genuinely enjoy working with the other team members in the kitchen.  We produce great food for the pleasure of our customer’s palate, but there also a few difficulties with such a fast moving pace.  We have little or no cooling in the kitchen.  I often become overheated in the middle of a workshift.  The thermostat is located in the dining area, and it becomes a near impossibility to leave our stations and discreetly get to the thermostat to make the adjustment.  I could ask another sous chef, but they are as equally tied up in the work, as I am.  It becomes highly doubtful that we will ever make it to the dining room to do the adjustment.  My biggest concern, is that there is no zone control with the HVAC.  The kitchen is kept at the same temperature as the dining room.  In the middle of summer the kitchen can often have temperatures that surpass one hundred.  If we turned the AC up high enough to help us, it would become uncomfortable for the diners.  The manager has been talking about a new HVAC system, complete with zone control.  If this is going to be happening, I hope it is done before the summer comes around again.

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Kitchen cooling

I have a really good job working as head chef in a local restaurant. Mostly, I really like working in the nerve frazzling, high-intensity environment. I am an expert at what I do and I have a good rapport with my team members.  We also put out some pretty amazing food our restaurant’s customers.  There are some things I don’t like about the job.  The biggest drawback concerns the heating and cooling in the family room area. If it becomes too hot while I am being swamped with a rush, it is a near impossible feat to get out of the kitchen and adjust the thermostat which happens to be in the family dining area.  I ask a co-worker, if he is free, to do the adjusting for me, but if I am busy, then everyone is busy.  Our restaurant isn’t large, and we don’t have zone control for the heating and cooling.  So the family dining area and the individual dining area are the same, but so is the kitchen.  When it is hot and humid outside, temperatures in parts of the kitchen can reach up to 130 degrees, and we really need air conditioning, but then the family room can become excessively cold.  We need air conditioning in the winter while we are cooking, and we can’t have it blasting on our customers, so to keep the customers comfortable and wanting to return, the kitchen is left to suffer.  The owner has been thinking about an HVAC upgrade with zone control, and I hope he plans on doing it soon.  I love my job, but I would love it more with zone control.

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Working in a kitchen

I have a great job working as a chef in a local restaurant’s kitchen. Most of the time, I really enjoy working in this type of high-intensity environment. I am good at what I do and often have a nice time working with the members of my team in the kitchen and producing really great food for the restaurant’s customers. There are a few disadvantages to such a face-paced work environment, however. One such disadvantage has to do with the heating and cooling in the kitchen area. If I am overheated while I am in the middle of a work shift, it is almost impossible to get away from my tasks in the kitchen to adjust the thermostat to a more comfortable temperature. I typically have to ask a colleague to adjust the thermostat for me, but typically everyone is busy during our working hours so it’s rather unlikely that the thermostat will ever get adjusted when it needs to be. Additionally, our little restaurant does not have any sort of zone controlled heating or cooling. That means that the kitchen is always the same temperature as the dining area. Sometimes this sort of thing can be a problem, especially during the excessively hot summer months. When the air conditioning is blasting in the dining area, patrons can get uncomfortably cold. Back in the kitchen, however, we like any drop of air conditioned air that we can get! My boss has been discussing an HVAC upgrade to zone control. I really hope that she chooses to implement this great heating and cooling upgrade sooner rather than later. It would make this job even more enjoyable.


Beverage choices and HVAC

Maybe my break time behavior is a little strange compared to the vast majority of employees at the place where by I work, but I love exercising when I can. While they always walk about a block for the nearest restaurants and pig out for any hour or so, I prefer to get my butt in gear and walk about 3 miles in that time. It’s so refreshing and really pushes the blood pumping, which I need after sitting down for long periods of time at my desk. I also love that this feels like I’m exercising daily, so there is less pressure to find the time in my evening when I am tired from the work day. There are a few days that it can be all challenging though when it is so hot. For instance, in the dead of summer this pattern is especially hard to maintain. I end up being so dead thirsty in the course of my walk that I routinely have to stop for a beverage somewhere in the middle. Then I face another problem, do I get a good hot or cold drink? You see, by the time I get back to my building and sit only a few minutes at my desk, I’m going to be freezing cold because of the overzealous air conditioner usage. Undoubtedly, I’ll be freezing the rest of the afternoon and there’s no way to change the programmed work thermostat to make it more comfortable. The AC is simply running at full blast all throughout the entire summer season. That means I’ll want some hot coffee or tea while I freeze at my desk under the blasting air conditioning breezes. In the end, I sometimes finally end up buying two different items to compensate for the wildly different air patterns qualities indoors and out.

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Want noisy HVAC

My dog loves to act like he’s a tough guy on doggie campus, barking at anyone who strolls through our apartment complex and threatening other dogs in the balcony. He’s pretty convincing if you hear him, and I honestly think he manages to scare most people, especially because he’s part pitbull. I think it’s completely entertaining, because the truth is, he’s a giant cry baby. He can be about as disturbing as a baby most days, especially at night. Sometimes he gets totally freaked out by passing raging storms, and goes running to us for comfort. I find him cozy in my bed with me under the covers while his body is a lot like a little furnace trapping all that crazy heat next to me. I attempt to plan these moments to  adjust my thermostat accordingly on those nights, bumping up the air conditioning to our higher level, but the cold just makes him snuggle closer. Then I’m pretty well trapped, because he’ll pin me down over the bed, so I can’t even get off the bed to change the temperature control to help. Since he’s finally settled to peacefulness, I just don’t have the guts to disturb him in the name of my selfish air conditioning preferences. I’d rather that he got to calm down and sleep just like a baby, because I hate seeing him upset by the weather. Honestly, I think it might all be a big game to achieve sleeping in my bed which is normally out of bounds, because it’s not all thunderstorm that riles him in that space. I know I’m a sucker, nevertheless I care more about my animals happiness than my thermostat.

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