What to do in each season

I have been trying to take more ownership over my new modern home. I always admired how my Dad took such great care of the family home. My father worked well with the different seasons, changing always as they do and during those climate changes, our home changed too. In the spring, he replaced the glass window and panes with screen. The best thing of early summertime was the smell of the magnolias drifting through the home on a breezy day. I live in an absolutely different temperature climate now although I know the weather in the south also brings with it some seasonal changes. Just as my dad would schedule an appointment with the local chimney sweepers to scrub the fireplace and check over the wood stove for the winter, I too hired my local vendor, the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business to come for a routine check up on my A/C unit to make sure that I would have a trouble-free summer. If our cooling equipment needs any kind of updating or repair work I would want to deal with it now before it gets too hot to go without it. Also, for spring, I want to make sure all the filters are adequate and/or replace them if need be. As well, with all the allergens out there I want to make sure HVAC home’s air purification equipment is also working as well as it can.  The professional technician that I have been working with informed myself and others to do some minor cleaning on our own to keep the air cleaner between visits. The technician told me to take a soft cloth with a bucket of hot water along with vinegar and wipe down the air vents that go into the ducts. He said this can be done as often as I wish, in order to help maintain its efficiency.

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Air conditioning all around

At one time, I was sad that the people I was living with had to transfer away so soon after I first moved down here. I honestly enjoyed the location that I had found with them. I had a small private place for my own area upstairs with a new washroom plus the magnificent​ porch.  I had enjoyed living here with my roommates, but they are moving to another unit. We would plant vining plants on the porch and watch them take over the porch railings where we spent an endless amount of time. The only downside to my upstairs room I’d say is that there is no air conditioner. The home’s recent Heating, Ventilation plus A/C remodel job replaced everything​ before they converted the upstairs into my room/living space. So my area did not get a new air unit. The air conditioning unit I had was a working window unit and it usually did it’s job until the season got hotter and then it took the unit longer to get through all the humidity and heat that builds up upstairs in only a short time. So I didn’t luck out on the central air, but our ultramodern three room home by the water has an actual state-of-the-art central air unit just recently installed. And although the other roommates were missed terribly, that feeling diminished since it wasn’t long before I fell in love with this up-to-date beautiful home. The first month there was still so many belongings thrown around as if the people I was with and including myself weren’t grateful for the ability to carry our things and organize.  I spent the next few evenings breaking down boxes causing me to be covered in sweat.  Work that in those moments I appreciated the ease of changing the set temperature on our new thermostat to cool down a bit. Unlike the old air conditioner unit I had to put up with, the blessings of the air vents situated around the home was absolutely wonderful. Similar to the equivalent of t.v’s surround sound. Heating, Ventilation plus A/C companies should advertise that way.

central air conditioning

Wishing for better AC

My parents have decided, since they don’t use their garage to park their cars, that they will turn the garage into a spare room. They have even contemplated about converting it into a rental house, and I totally supported this strategy. I knew major renovations could be going underway for this, and I have been rooting for central air conditioning for quite a while now. Technically, where we live life, it isn’t needed as it would be if we lived just two hundred miles south. But I began to extol the virtues of central air flow and what that can mean, like they didn’t know for themselves. I was an adolescent and arrogant person that thought I knew best. I used my mom’s allergies as I felt it was a good inroad to make my dad feel bad. I told her about air purification systems, how it can reduce allergens and toxins within the air through the air ducts and air filters. How clean air is not to be taken for granted! I mistakenly mentioned my dad’s elderly body. During the winter, he wouldn’t have to worry a lot about lugging wood in from outside, and during the fall, he wouldn’t have to worry about ordering and stacking as much wood. We use our central heating unit for sure, but right now, we depend on the wood stoves during the winter to warm us. He said that the only person that has a problem with stacking wood was apparently myself, and perhaps I’d like to pay the heating bill this cold weather season? And that is where I lost them, and they decided to put out plans for renovation for some time longer. I think I have to work on a more subtle approach for next occasion.

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Rubbing in the HVAC repair

My boyfriend and I got in an argument recently, and while it’s unlike us, we’re possibly not above low blows in some of those moments. Recently, our air conditioner disconnected, and we couldn’t figure this out. It seemed like the pieces were working. The thermostat could certainly be adjusted to different settings and see the temperature, and although the fan was running, there was no cool air being subtracted from the vents. We had to contact an HVAC repair technician, but neither of us were willing to step up to the plate and make the phone call. The one who called was always the only one who paid. I felt he would be the better one to call, as he always kept the temperature settings so low it’s like an ice box. I said he probably froze the air conditioner unit. He should take responsibility of the problem at hand. Fairly enough, he argued we do not know what happened to the equipment, and he paid for the plumber to return in and replace the pipes below the sink, making it my turn for the next repair. I knew he wasn’t going to budge, and I also knew this argument wasn’t worth causing us to go without air conditioning. So, I called Andy’s HVAC repair company over, knowing this was going to really rub my boyfriend the wrong way. Andy was my former boyfriend, and while we are on good terms and conditions, my boyfriend doesn’t trust him to be around me. When my boyfriend came to the house and saw Andy’s company truck inside the yard, I knew I made him regret leaving the call up to me. However, Andy diagnosed the issue quickly and remedied the case almost immediately at a very modest cost to us. We were simply needing to add more freon, and freon is just what Andy had in his pickup truck.

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No better way than radiant floors

I believe there is no better approach to heat a house then by using radiant flooring. Radiant floors work by heating the household through the wood floors. This is a very efficient method because it allows the warmth to dispersed evenly throughout the entire home. When using a standard heating system, air blows through surroundings vents. This method causes the heater to work more than it should because the air is only coming via the few small spaces. It takes it longer to fill the house with heat. Radiant floors, nonetheless, are much better at spreading the heat evenly. Another benefit of having radiant floors is that they are extremely quiet. I used to employ a standard heating system, and it had been extremely noisy. When I switched it on, I had to become accustomed to the sound before I could drift off to sleep or get any work done. It really did distract everyone, and I have never experienced this problem with my new radiant floor surfaces. My friends think that heated floors are an excessive luxury, but I save a small fortune because the heating system is so efficient. When my power bill comes, it is always much less than what it was when I had a regular heating system. There’s a big upfront investment when getting these floors installed, but eventually it’s a great decision because the heating device really pays off. I recommend these to anyone who is able to have them installed. If, at any time I move, this feature is an item I will look for within a new home. I have grown accustomed to this heating system, and I can’t imagine having any other kind at this stage of my life.

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Southern heat and AC

For many years, I’ve lived in the southeast. I like it here because the buying price of living is affordable, the people are friendly, the food is good, and I hate the cold weather of the north. It rarely gets cold at this point, and people are always complaining it’s way too humid. This isn’t an issue for me because I prefer it be humid than snowing outside. I deal with the humidity by making sure that my air conditioning unit stays in good working shape. Something else I did quite a while ago was have an air purifier installed at my house. The air purifier works by ridding the air of unnecessary humidity and moisture. These are good to have installed because they keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently. Without it, the air conditioner has to work extra hard to cool your home. Although it’s hot outside, I know that within my five walls I will be thoroughly comfortable. I know that some people prefer the various seasons, but I hate the concept of having to stay huddled next to a fireplace or a heater half of the year. We do experience an unusually short winter, but it’s not very cold compared to other areas. I never have to turn my heater on for more than about a month each time. After this brief cool weather passes, I am right back to my normal routine running the air conditioner and enjoying the heat. I don’t think that there is any other place in the country I would rather stay. The only place I would probably even consider moving to is some tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean.

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Mold and mildew in my cooling

Some time ago I realized that my house had too much mildew and mold growing in it. I live in a humid region, and mold is common in homes here. When I discovered that, I was worried because I realize that it poses health dangers. I immediately called an area HVAC company for advice. The service person over the phone told me that I could truthfully eliminate much of my mildew by installing an air home cleaner on my cooling system. Air purifiers work by ridding the air in addition to the moisture inside a home. It takes moisture that creates a perfect breeding ground for mold spores. After learning this, I scheduled an appointment for a licensed HVAC technician to install my air purifier. He came the next available time and had the system functioning. Now, every time I run my air conditioner, the air purifier runs alongside it to keep the air clear. The system works like a dream, and it was worth every penny that paid for it. I no longer have to worry that I am going to acquire health issues because of the mold in my house. This is certainly important because I have small children, and my elderly mother comes to visit regularly. They are not equipped to accommodate such issues. I would tell anyone living in my area to just do it and invest in an air cleanser. Even if they have not had difficulty with mold or mildew in the past, it is smart to steer clear of these issues from occurring before they become a concern.


Friends think I use too much AC

Everyone always tell me I tend keep my house too chilly. Anytime I host guests, I hear these comments, but I’m aware that I do this. I keep my air conditioner running every single time because I get hot easily. My whole life, I had to live within a house that did not have any kind of heating or air conditioning system, so on warm seasons, I was forced to create cooling with fans and just by opening windows. A few in years back, I was promoted at work and could afford a new and better home. I made sure to get one with a dependable HVAC system because I wanted to keep my house at the temperature that makes me happy. I guess I have let my dependency on my A/C get a little out of hand though. I tend to keep the thermostat set at about 70 degrees at all times. I love coming inside from the heat to a huge blast of cold air, and I can’t imagine sleeping well without having to be beneath cool air blowing because of the location of my air vents. The only bad thing about my habit is that the constantly A/C runs my utility bill in the roof. Each time I receive my bill, I threaten to turn the A/C off completely, but it will never happen. Thankfully, I don’t have any debt, and my dwelling payment is affordable. This allows me to keep using my A/C as I wish. It probably isn’t quite a responsible thing, but I just don’t know if I can retreat to living in a warm place again.

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Going for coffee and cooling

I am a writer. It’s not always as glamorous as one imagines it to be. Some days you have a deadline and you end up with writer’s block! The only thing that is on the forefront of your mind is the deadline. So, quite often, I need to just leave my house and find a fresh writing spot for inspiration. I head to the local coffee shop in which the people are an inspiration all their own. Though, I have found I must bundle up to keep warm because, the air conditioning is set very low! The days I forget my sweatshirt I either buy far more coffee or end up leaving, having done very little writing. One day I lost my patience and I asked a manager why they kept the air conditioning so freezing cold! He said that corporate are the one’s that control the thermostat. It’s all meant to monitor expenses and keep energy efficiency for the HVAC unit. But, he told me that he didn’t buy it one bit. He heard that they keep the temperatures so low because it encourages individuals to buy coffee after coffee, so they bring in more cash! I thought that was awful to manipulate a cooling ventilation system to profit off people’s discomfort! I thought I would search for a different coffee shop and it seems that they all monitor their HVAC units just that way. That is just wrong.

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Gas furnace detection

My parent’s seem to be losing all perspective in their aging years. They are so concerned about the tiniest things that were never a huge concern before now. They are terrified of burglars all of a sudden, as if they had anything in their house to steal! They won’t leave their car in the driveway, since they worry something could happen to it, as if they are in a horrible part of the city! But, the one that is driving me nuts is their irrationality concerning their new HVAC unit. For the longest time they only had stationary fans in the summer and their fireplace in the cold months. But, as they were getting older, I felt it was important to have a really nice system in place with regard to their heating and cooling needs. I have read that this is important with the elderly and they can easily die from heat exhaustion or even being too cold! All the siblings chipped in for this new HVAC unit on their behalf. I was there when it was installed over the weekend to assure they weren’t freaking out. I taught them how to use the thermostat and explained that they could set it on a timer for better heating and cooling. Well, for some reason, my mother got it in her head that there was clearly a threat with the carbon monoxide factor. I went over again and again all the different aspects that could go wrong, but she wasn’t having it until I called the HVAC technician and she told them herself. Man, aging can be crazy.

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