Auto settings for heating/air

My best friend and I have been friends since pre-school. In fact, we were linked to each other even before then because we were born at the same time and day at the same area hospital. Therefore, when we graduated twelfth grade and landed jobs with the same organization, it was a no-brainer that we moved in together. When you finally settled into our “bachelor pad,” our similarities seemed to help you mesh even more. We both agreed on absolutely everything. Heck, we even decorated our bedrooms similarly! That synchronization soon changed, however, when we had to decide on the ultimate way to operate the HVAC system. While I was more of a carefree soul when it came to electricity, my pal was very stingy. For example, to conserve power, after dropping his children of at the pool, as he would say, he would always leave the threshold to our windowless bathroom open since it could air out… through the house. I was more of an avid supporter of the switch-operated vent fan which he refused to use, though. It was hardly surprising to me, then, when he suggested it’s better to leave our thermostat set to “auto” as opposed to just “On,” even during the hot weather. After putting up with this previously mentioned habit, I was absolutely unwilling to agree. After he phoned another friend who was a certified HVAC technician, my opinion changed. Our friend explained that keeping the system “on” allows moisture to blow back into the house, which not only affects humidity but also causes the A/C to have to work harder to provide cooling. As a result, I changed my outlook on this subject, too… especially since it involved conserving money.

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