HVAC information

After nearly 25 years of service inside the public and private sectors in my area, I decided to call it quits and retire. Having always been a busybody and a hard worker, it took merely a month of being unemployed to get anxious and begin looking for something new to invest my unquenchable high level of energy. As a technically-minded fellow, I gave a lot of thought to something that I’d like to learn more about that I never quite had the time to master. Then, like a southern-style heat wave, I had it… HVAC! Geeked that I finally discovered something worthwhile and interesting, I signed up for an informative class being offered at my local community college and dove head first inside the wonderful world of heating, venting, and air conditioning. As a result, I learned an immense amount of info, albeit none of which proved to be more valuable than the instructions on the functioning of HVAC systems. During that instructional period, I realized that such systems cool homes by blowing warm(er) air–that is usually ultimately cooled–back into our homes or buildings. Moreover, the air is cooled by being blown over a pair of cold pipes called an evaporator coil, which contains refrigerant–which goes from being a liquid to a gas as it absorbs heat in the air. The refrigerant is then pumped to an outdoor coil, called a condenser, the spot where the refrigerant gives up its heat and changes back to a liquid. The pump, called a compressor, moves the refrigerant between the two main coils and changes the pressure within the refrigerant so that the refrigerant either evaporates or condenses inside the appropriate coil. It’s surprising how much we just don’t know!

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