Model shoot with cooling issues

I jokingly refer to myself as a “Jane of all Trades”; I teach, write, and model on weekends. I was called over one weekend to attend a modeling shoot and was extremely excited because the gig was with a photographer whose work I appreciated. The shoot was supposed to be in a boxing ring, but he asked me to bring a number of outfits, not just fitness. He suggested a gown for working by the graffiti wall and one set of army fatigues for under the American flag, there was a variety of different concepts. This was my favorite version of a photo shoot. I arrived in a timely fashion, carried my stuff up the three flights of stairs since the elevator was out, found my way to the gym, met with the photographer, and was shown to the dressing room. As I worked on changing, I realized it was actually warm. I came out for the first shoot and requested that we lower the temperature a bit. That was when they informed me that, not just the elevator had gone out, so did the air conditioner. I laughed, since I had always been a go with it kind of person, but in my head I was contemplating how I was going to shimmy into all these outfits with sweat dripping down my body; and all of the times I was going to need to reapply my makeup, along with re-curling my bangs. Fortunately, the photographer was extremely professional and very gracious in the middle shots. We had a great time, and we managed to get some amazing pictures, but I never felt so happy as I was to finally get in my car and turn on the A. C. I blasted the cold on the entire drive home.

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