Blow drying with AC vent

I am a high maintenance person according to most people’s standards.  I don’t feel that I demand too much in life, but I definitely take quite a bit of time to care for myself. I believe it’s a priority and I  take preventative care in order to enjoy a long and youthful life.  My preventative maintenance includes a lot of pampering.  I am conscientious about my skin as well as my hair, and I care for them as best I can on a budget. I also endeavor to put a positive face forward each day, and getting ready for the day takes me quite some time. The worst  thing I do every single day is blow dry my hair after my shower. The result is wonderful, but the process is so unpleasant.  I am required to turn on my a/c just to prevent sweating while I’m really working on my hair. If it’s in the summer season, it’s absolutely necessary to turn the thermostat way down and run my central cooling unit at max capacity.  During  the Spring as well as fall, I still run my A/C unit about half of the time. The bathroom tends to become overheated muggy due to my shower, and then my hair refuses to dry unless I dehumidify the air.  My only choice is switching on the A/C and hoping it cools as well as dehumidifies the indoor air.  Thankfully, the air conditioner normally affects the bathroom pretty rapidly since it’s small and has a direct air vent leading to it. I have an effective air conditioning unit, so I don’t consider it a problem that I run it for short periods. I couldn’t survive central cooling.   Every day would be less pleasant.

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