Porch heating and cooling zones

I like to wake up in the morning with a strong cup of coffee. One of my favorite things to do is to take a seat out on the back porch. Sometimes I get out of bed so early that I can watch  the sunrise! I am fortunate that  the porch is enclosed. I can venture out onto the porch and enjoy the sunrise all year round. The porch is temperature controlled, so I can make the temperature whatever I need to be comfortable.  I installed zone control technology a few years ago to help regulate the temperature a little bit better. The porch tends to heat up during the middle of the day and get quite cold in the winters.  I think this is caused by the proximity to  the outside climate and the number of windows. Because of this, I set the temperature of my porch at a much more severe temperature to stay comfortable. This zone control heating and cooling in the front porch really helps to trim energy use and promote greater comfort. I also the option of zone control  throughout the house so that I can adjust each room independently. I prefer to sleep at a cooler temperature all year long. Without the zone control heating and cooling, I would not be able to adjust the conditions in the bedroom to suit my personal preferences.  I doubt I could enjoy watching the sunrise during the winter months.   If I turn up the heat in the sun porch, I don’t waste energy overheating the rest of the house.   I simply  called my local HVAC contract to install the zone control.  It took very little time, caused no mess and was not all that expensive.  It only requires the addition of valves and thermostats.  

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