Traffic cooling

I have grown accustom to people watch while I’m stuck in traffic. There is not much more to do while I wait. It appears all the people come to work, and go home at the same time and with no other way home, I am stuck staring out my window. There are many older vehicles on this stretch of the highway and I am not sure why that is. Regardless it makes me extremely glad to own a newer modeled car. The outside climate have shot up to 95 degrees while the humidity around here can make it closer to a hundred degrees. I will watch as an older car pulls up near me with the windows rolled down and I can see the people inside are dripping with sweat, looking completely terrible. However, I sit inside my newly minted sudan with the air conditioner turned down low. My air conditioner gets so chilly though I rarely run it on high capacity even when the temperature is bad outside. When my spouse sits in our sudan, they regularly request I turn the air conditioner higher than current settings, and this is only after they turn the all of the A/C vents in our direction. I periodically wonder if I am spending too on monthly payments for our sudan, though, that immediately changes when I remember what our drive would be like without this efficient air conditioning. I suppose I will keep this sudan as long as it is terribly hot outside and I have to ride in the comfortable air conditioning. After the heat has subsided, I will start to think about switching cars again.

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