Used to AC as a vet

I am a traveling veterinarian for the farm animals within my town. This entails being out in the elements, usually, when an animal falls ill and isn’t able to be stalled. This just  happened when a local farmer’s cow thought it would give birth to twins out within the freezing, icy snow. There were some complications, and I thought we may all freeze until the farmer started erecting a tenting enclosure around the birthing area. He then ran a long extension cord right through the cold snow and hooked up a portable heater under the covering. It only took a few minutes for the enclosure to heat up. We noticed the warm temperatures also helping the birthing cow calm down, because she settled down a bit on the cold ground. I still didn’t know if the animals could survive, even with the makeshift birthing tent, but after witnessing the care the farmer was willing to give to his animals, I knew that I just had to give it my all. Since my hands were no longer so cold that I couldn’t t feel them, I reached in and spun the calf around. The mother was immediately able to birth the first calf into the warm tent with the heater blasting. The 2nd calf followed right behind into that heated environment, and all was well. Maybe I should insist that heated tenting be used by all my farming clients.

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