Air conditioning all around

At one time, I was sad that the people I was living with had to transfer away so soon after I first moved down here. I honestly enjoyed the location that I had found with them. I had a small private place for my own area upstairs with a new washroom plus the magnificent​ porch.  I had enjoyed living here with my roommates, but they are moving to another unit. We would plant vining plants on the porch and watch them take over the porch railings where we spent an endless amount of time. The only downside to my upstairs room I’d say is that there is no air conditioner. The home’s recent Heating, Ventilation plus A/C remodel job replaced everything​ before they converted the upstairs into my room/living space. So my area did not get a new air unit. The air conditioning unit I had was a working window unit and it usually did it’s job until the season got hotter and then it took the unit longer to get through all the humidity and heat that builds up upstairs in only a short time. So I didn’t luck out on the central air, but our ultramodern three room home by the water has an actual state-of-the-art central air unit just recently installed. And although the other roommates were missed terribly, that feeling diminished since it wasn’t long before I fell in love with this up-to-date beautiful home. The first month there was still so many belongings thrown around as if the people I was with and including myself weren’t grateful for the ability to carry our things and organize.  I spent the next few evenings breaking down boxes causing me to be covered in sweat.  Work that in those moments I appreciated the ease of changing the set temperature on our new thermostat to cool down a bit. Unlike the old air conditioner unit I had to put up with, the blessings of the air vents situated around the home was absolutely wonderful. Similar to the equivalent of t.v’s surround sound. Heating, Ventilation plus A/C companies should advertise that way.

central air conditioning