Friends think I use too much AC

Everyone always tell me I tend keep my house too chilly. Anytime I host guests, I hear these comments, but I’m aware that I do this. I keep my air conditioner running every single time because I get hot easily. My whole life, I had to live within a house that did not have any kind of heating or air conditioning system, so on warm seasons, I was forced to create cooling with fans and just by opening windows. A few in years back, I was promoted at work and could afford a new and better home. I made sure to get one with a dependable HVAC system because I wanted to keep my house at the temperature that makes me happy. I guess I have let my dependency on my A/C get a little out of hand though. I tend to keep the thermostat set at about 70 degrees at all times. I love coming inside from the heat to a huge blast of cold air, and I can’t imagine sleeping well without having to be beneath cool air blowing because of the location of my air vents. The only bad thing about my habit is that the constantly A/C runs my utility bill in the roof. Each time I receive my bill, I threaten to turn the A/C off completely, but it will never happen. Thankfully, I don’t have any debt, and my dwelling payment is affordable. This allows me to keep using my A/C as I wish. It probably isn’t quite a responsible thing, but I just don’t know if I can retreat to living in a warm place again.

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