Gas furnace detection

My parent’s seem to be losing all perspective in their aging years. They are so concerned about the tiniest things that were never a huge concern before now. They are terrified of burglars all of a sudden, as if they had anything in their house to steal! They won’t leave their car in the driveway, since they worry something could happen to it, as if they are in a horrible part of the city! But, the one that is driving me nuts is their irrationality concerning their new HVAC unit. For the longest time they only had stationary fans in the summer and their fireplace in the cold months. But, as they were getting older, I felt it was important to have a really nice system in place with regard to their heating and cooling needs. I have read that this is important with the elderly and they can easily die from heat exhaustion or even being too cold! All the siblings chipped in for this new HVAC unit on their behalf. I was there when it was installed over the weekend to assure they weren’t freaking out. I taught them how to use the thermostat and explained that they could set it on a timer for better heating and cooling. Well, for some reason, my mother got it in her head that there was clearly a threat with the carbon monoxide factor. I went over again and again all the different aspects that could go wrong, but she wasn’t having it until I called the HVAC technician and she told them herself. Man, aging can be crazy.

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