Going for coffee and cooling

I am a writer. It’s not always as glamorous as one imagines it to be. Some days you have a deadline and you end up with writer’s block! The only thing that is on the forefront of your mind is the deadline. So, quite often, I need to just leave my house and find a fresh writing spot for inspiration. I head to the local coffee shop in which the people are an inspiration all their own. Though, I have found I must bundle up to keep warm because, the air conditioning is set very low! The days I forget my sweatshirt I either buy far more coffee or end up leaving, having done very little writing. One day I lost my patience and I asked a manager why they kept the air conditioning so freezing cold! He said that corporate are the one’s that control the thermostat. It’s all meant to monitor expenses and keep energy efficiency for the HVAC unit. But, he told me that he didn’t buy it one bit. He heard that they keep the temperatures so low because it encourages individuals to buy coffee after coffee, so they bring in more cash! I thought that was awful to manipulate a cooling ventilation system to profit off people’s discomfort! I thought I would search for a different coffee shop and it seems that they all monitor their HVAC units just that way. That is just wrong.

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