Mold and mildew in my cooling

Some time ago I realized that my house had too much mildew and mold growing in it. I live in a humid region, and mold is common in homes here. When I discovered that, I was worried because I realize that it poses health dangers. I immediately called an area HVAC company for advice. The service person over the phone told me that I could truthfully eliminate much of my mildew by installing an air home cleaner on my cooling system. Air purifiers work by ridding the air in addition to the moisture inside a home. It takes moisture that creates a perfect breeding ground for mold spores. After learning this, I scheduled an appointment for a licensed HVAC technician to install my air purifier. He came the next available time and had the system functioning. Now, every time I run my air conditioner, the air purifier runs alongside it to keep the air clear. The system works like a dream, and it was worth every penny that paid for it. I no longer have to worry that I am going to acquire health issues because of the mold in my house. This is certainly important because I have small children, and my elderly mother comes to visit regularly. They are not equipped to accommodate such issues. I would tell anyone living in my area to just do it and invest in an air cleanser. Even if they have not had difficulty with mold or mildew in the past, it is smart to steer clear of these issues from occurring before they become a concern.