Rubbing in the HVAC repair

My boyfriend and I got in an argument recently, and while it’s unlike us, we’re possibly not above low blows in some of those moments. Recently, our air conditioner disconnected, and we couldn’t figure this out. It seemed like the pieces were working. The thermostat could certainly be adjusted to different settings and see the temperature, and although the fan was running, there was no cool air being subtracted from the vents. We had to contact an HVAC repair technician, but neither of us were willing to step up to the plate and make the phone call. The one who called was always the only one who paid. I felt he would be the better one to call, as he always kept the temperature settings so low it’s like an ice box. I said he probably froze the air conditioner unit. He should take responsibility of the problem at hand. Fairly enough, he argued we do not know what happened to the equipment, and he paid for the plumber to return in and replace the pipes below the sink, making it my turn for the next repair. I knew he wasn’t going to budge, and I also knew this argument wasn’t worth causing us to go without air conditioning. So, I called Andy’s HVAC repair company over, knowing this was going to really rub my boyfriend the wrong way. Andy was my former boyfriend, and while we are on good terms and conditions, my boyfriend doesn’t trust him to be around me. When my boyfriend came to the house and saw Andy’s company truck inside the yard, I knew I made him regret leaving the call up to me. However, Andy diagnosed the issue quickly and remedied the case almost immediately at a very modest cost to us. We were simply needing to add more freon, and freon is just what Andy had in his pickup truck.

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