What to do in each season

I have been trying to take more ownership over my new modern home. I always admired how my Dad took such great care of the family home. My father worked well with the different seasons, changing always as they do and during those climate changes, our home changed too. In the spring, he replaced the glass window and panes with screen. The best thing of early summertime was the smell of the magnolias drifting through the home on a breezy day. I live in an absolutely different temperature climate now although I know the weather in the south also brings with it some seasonal changes. Just as my dad would schedule an appointment with the local chimney sweepers to scrub the fireplace and check over the wood stove for the winter, I too hired my local vendor, the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business to come for a routine check up on my A/C unit to make sure that I would have a trouble-free summer. If our cooling equipment needs any kind of updating or repair work I would want to deal with it now before it gets too hot to go without it. Also, for spring, I want to make sure all the filters are adequate and/or replace them if need be. As well, with all the allergens out there I want to make sure HVAC home’s air purification equipment is also working as well as it can.  The professional technician that I have been working with informed myself and others to do some minor cleaning on our own to keep the air cleaner between visits. The technician told me to take a soft cloth with a bucket of hot water along with vinegar and wipe down the air vents that go into the ducts. He said this can be done as often as I wish, in order to help maintain its efficiency.

HVAC repair